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CHICAGO (RNS) At the corner of West 63rd Street and South Fairfield, there are all the predictable signs of decline: vacant businesses, empty lots, spikes in violence. But this nondescript intersection is also the site of a renaissance in American Islam, where new Muslim institutions are emerging at an unprecedented rate.


  1. Powerful piece. I am actually a product of the amazing Muslim community in Chicago. I grew up volunteering for institutions like IMAN and CAIR. There is something magical and incredibly inspiring about the leadership and inclusiveness found in that community. Although I have lived in LA for the passed 10 years, my spiritual heart is, and will always be in Chicago.

  1. […] Religion News Service: Chicago is ground zero in U.S. Muslim renaissance Religious affiliation may be on the wane in America, a recent Pew study asserts, but there is a wave of new Muslim institutions emerging in the United States at an unprecedented pace. More than a quarter of the nation’s 2,106 mosques were founded in the last decade, according to a recent University of Kentucky study, and new social service organizations, many of them run by 20- and 30-something American-born Muslims, are thriving as never before. Chicago may be ground zero of this trend: The city’s 15-year-old Inner-City Muslim Action Network is one of several young Muslim organizations inspiring young Muslims to connect with their faith. […]

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