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(RNS) The nation’s Catholic bishops on Thursday (Feb. 7) rejected the Obama administration’s latest proposals to broaden the religious exemptions and accommodations in regulations that will require insurance companies or employers to provide free birth control coverage.


  1. In a democracy, we can’t have special rules for certain subgroups. If an exception can be made for one, an exception must be made for all.

    If religious objections can alter this law, it can alter any law, and it can be achieved by any special interest group, not just religions in general or Christians in particular.

    This is a can of worms of huge proportions, and the precedent set by allowing this group to effectively dictate the law is very troubling and potentially destructive to society as we know it.

    For starters, there is a subgroup in society that objects to paying taxes that fund religious establishments. Can we stop that, too? And if not, why not? If an exception can’t be made for that subgroup, no exception should apply to the bishops and their pet peeve.