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Is Karl Rove picking a Dynasty-style cat fight with evangelicals? More members of the Phelps clan are leaving Westboro Baptist Church, and a state judge upholds an Orthodox pre-nup for a husband who won't give his wife a divorce.


  1. I tried to do the survey, but there were no answers that fit on some of the questions, so I quit. For example, high school graduation went back to only 1965 (but I graduated in 1955). And I don’t plan to enter school again, so I couldn’t answer that one, either.

  2. To the defected Phelps sisters: Forgiven, you’ve only come to adulthood and been taught this garbarge all your life. Those who learn to love will have a life full of love those who don’t do not see the log in their own eye while condemning the splinters in others. May you come to see Jesus love in a different way than you were taught.