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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI will soon become the first pope to resign since 1415, short-circuiting many of the initial stages of electing a new pope. But the Vatican says the transition to a new papacy shouldn't be all that different from normal.


  1. […] So what happens now? Between the Pope’s resignation and the selection of the new pope, the central bureaucracy of the Vatican will keep things running smoothly. The conclave to choose the next pope could convene by mid-March. Three “Vatican Insiders” told USA Today who the perceived front-runners are. Unsurprisingly, they’re all European – except for one Canadian. But two other insiders “dropped surprisingly clear hints that the next pope could be Latino“, according to the Telegraph. There are also a couple of African Cardinals in the running. So basically, nobody knows what’s going on, but a lot of people know which Cardinals are popular, and can tell news organizations which Cardinals are popular. If you want to know more about the selection process for the Pope, look here or here. […]

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