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VATICAN CITY (RNS) In a move that took the world by surprise, Pope Benedict XVI on Monday announced that he will resign on Feb 28.


  1. Will we get another reactionary or will we see a return to the hopeful era of John XXIII and Paul VI? So much is at stake.

    • No chance. The College of Cardinals is packed with papal appointees. And, of course, Joe Rat himself will be around to keep an eye on the proceedings. It will be more of the same. My guess is someone from the Global South, Latin America or Africa, who’s more charismatic, will get support because of his non-Europeanness, but equally reactionary on clerical celibacy, women’s ordination and the whole package.

      • H.E. Baber, I really want you to be wrong. I bet you do too.

        There’s a lot of darkness in our world. I am trying not to let it fill my heart. Though I have lost faith, I find common cause with anyone who has hope and charity.

        I really wish there were a home for people like me who still love the rich tradition, the ceremonies, and the examples of greatness the Church has inspired but cannot suffer the cozy relationship with unjust structures of power or the using God to settle human scores that have at too often been its calling card.

  2. The pope’s departure is good news, but there’s no reason to be hopeful about the Church. The Roman Catholic Church is little more than 2,000 years of serial disappointments.

    • Perhaps no GOOD reason to be hopeful. There have been periods where the Catholic Church was, on the whole, a force for good in the world. Too few, I would grant, but it does happen. If I were still a person who believed it was appropriate to petition God with requests, requesting that the spirit of Matthew 25 infuse the Cardinals would be my prayer. It is a worthwhile thing to hope for.

  3. I am very hopeful and optimistic that God in His endless Mercy with assist us as we prayerfully await the appointment of a new Pope to the Holy Catholic Church.
    God’s Church here on earth, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, will triumph! Make no mistake.

  4. I have no doubt that “Christ” would let “DOWN” HIS Saints and Angel Apostles in order to save all of U>S (usual sinners) if HIS FATHER GOD (Good Old Dad) thinks that HIS Holy Church is in need of help to save “HIS Faithful” NOW!

    Don’t most Christians think this WAY?

    God Bless