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LOS ANGELES (RNS) Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony still has a vote in next month's conclave to elect a new pope, and despite the abuse scandal unearthed in court documents, his vote was met with a shrug by many local Catholics.


  1. What about the children ?? Who needs a college degree to know that sexually abusing children is wrong and against all that God teaches,, is everyone IN THE CHIRCH just blind to the children? Mahoney and Law should be in prison..

  2. If it was you or your child that was sexually abused by Mahony’s neglect you wouldn’t be so quick to say forgive and put it in God’s hands.. and..If any of you don’t know it.. ..?..We have a court of law for people that commit crimes..Covering up child abuse is a crime…

  3. Gypsy WitchHunter

    Classic…by their ‘Canon Law’ THIS GUY cannot give YOU communion if you are divorced. You know, because divorce is wrong….WOW.