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(RNS) Joseph Ratzinger perhaps will be best remembered as a quiet theologian and intellectual. But he was not, as some critics charge, a ``transitional'' pope.


  1. He is most certainly not a traditional pope. He liked the traditional accessories, lace and incense, and that is all. His doctrine is simply the sweeter-smelling form of evil that conceived Vatican II. Excepting the Muslims, who mess up the game with their insistance on a religious state, he is as ecumenical as they come–nobody has to convert to the Faith, all paths lead to heaven, etc. etc. ad nauseum (it’s like saying all wives are interchangeable, all operating systems are interchangeable, etc. etc. it’s just stupid; be something real, or shut up). He loves secularism, as the Council did, when a pro-abortion “Catholic” was sent him by President Obama, he loved on him for days, and on the President, too, and called our democracy ‘vibrant.’ Ugh. He’s a fake and a dope, and I challenge you to present a clear summary of a single page of the drek he presented to the flock of this poor world as Catholicism. Nobody could be further away from the clear communication of Christ, Who said he was the Way to the Father and none would enter except through Him and His cross.