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(RNS) Will the conclave electing a successor to Pope Benedict XVI next month have an "Obama moment'' and pick a pope from outside Europe for the first time in modern history? Several factors are working against it.


  1. David, Where the next Pope hails from is not as important as to whether the Cardinals now take this likely last opportunity to launch a concrete and irrevocable reform process. If the Cardinals don’t, the steadily advancing prosecutors will reform the Vatican for them within a decade.
    For an explanation and a way the Cardinals practically can do this, please see my “What If? A New Pope. But No Upfront Public Reform Pledge–FORGEDABOUTIT”, at: Thank you.

  2. Black, white, red, brown, yellow – does it really make a difference when any of them have not followed the teachings of Christ about not harming the little ones?

    Here’s a list of 228 accused clerics, nuns and staff – [updated]
    — Added: — Bro. Stephen Baker, TOR, — Fr. Martin A. Brady, TOR (Franciscan friar);