1. This is all total nonsense. They will pick who they want; I’d say the odds are 85% to 90% that it will be a European and if so, 60% to 70% that it will be an Italian.

    All this sweet sixteen nonsense means nothing. A pope from Brazil, Ghana, Mexico?

    Come on.

  2. I think this is a good way to engage people from around the world. The point is not to win or lose, the point is to get to know others and their thoughts, feelings as this historical time goes on.

    • I agree that Cardinal Scola is the leading candidate. I wonder what happened to Cardinal Bagnasco of Genoa. He was on all the early lists, but seems to have receded into the background. His credentials are impressive.

  3. Karlos, I agree with you. Marc Ouellet of Canada seems to be the guy who everyone could agree on, but my heart’s preferred choice is Peter Turkson of Ghana. And Richard, how unlikely do you think a 50-something year old cardinal from Poland getting elected in 1978 would be? Oh wait, but that actually happened. His name is Pope John Paul II.

    • Repulican Indiana

      You apparently watched the House debate on passing the bill for battered and abused women and children yesterday, huh?
      Oh wait, that already happened.

  4. Since the Europeans’ track record over the past ten centuries is a bit spotty, perhaps it is time to pass the baton to another part of the world…..God surely knows that such a person would do no worse — and, perhaps, might begun to clean up the mess that is the Vatican and the College of Cardinals…..I appreciate the attempt at humor with the Sisteen Sixteen, but these are sad, sad times for the Roman Catholic Church…..

    • The majortiy of people who know Cardinal O’Malley from Boston will not elect him. He has spent a fortune on people who should not be receiving huge amounts of money. He should be the lowest on the list. Maybe you should do some researching on O’Malley unless you’re already close to him.

  5. Actually, in Europe (Italy) the odds are for a black cardinal (I think its Peter Turkson)… 3-1. America can forget it; they are too tainted with the pedophilia scandal; you won’t see an American for a while… I guarantee there will be a black pope before there is ever an American pope.

  6. I hope that it’s Dolan. He seems to have the knowledge, experience, but also the instinct when to cajole or when to put his foot down. He also has the energy, which in light of recent events, is a vital (pun intended) factor.

  7. 100% chance the next Holy Father will be Catholic. 100 % celibate. Ok. I know I’m going out on a limb here: 100 % chance male? Annnnnnnd, oooh, I’m gonna nail this one: 100 % a Cardinal?

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