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“First they said it was a boy’s sport. Then they said it was a safety issue. Then they said it was inappropriate touching. I think they are just constantly looking for excuses to not change it.” – Sixth-grader Carolina Pla of Bucks County, Pa., who wants to keep playing football at her Catholic school though […]


  1. This is a BOY’S team! ONE GIRL means a separate locker room, showers, etc and HER PARENT’S should pay for it if SHE wants to be on a HE team!

    I bet they wouldn’t allow a boy to join a girl’s team and share locker rooms, etc!

    • No, it’s a FOOTBALL team. There apparently is no girls’ football team, so this is the only team she can play on if she wants to play football. I’m sure there is a women’s restroom somewhere in the facility she can change in, and she can wait to shower when she gets home. This argument is just an excuse to keep her from playing.

      • Yep, and the first time a guy grabs her breast or touches her crouch while tackling her she’ll be screaming “rape” or “abuse”!

        girls and boys have no business playing contact sports against each other; any FOOL can see that.

        Normal boys should not be forced to share changing rooms with sicko gay boys.

  2. I was the only girl on our schools boy’s football team, I love football, and I enjoyed it, it took the guys a while to accept me but they did, and I changed and showered in the girls locker room, I did just fine, and I think it is only fair us girls get to play on the boy’s team if there isn’t a girls team. And yes I go to a public school, but who cares let Caroline play

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