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“First they said it was a boy’s sport. Then they said it was a safety issue. Then they said it was inappropriate touching. I think they are just constantly looking for excuses to not change it.” – Sixth-grader Carolina Pla of Bucks County, Pa., who wants to keep playing football at her Catholic school though […]


  1. This is a BOY’S team! ONE GIRL means a separate locker room, showers, etc and HER PARENT’S should pay for it if SHE wants to be on a HE team!

    I bet they wouldn’t allow a boy to join a girl’s team and share locker rooms, etc!

    • No, it’s a FOOTBALL team. There apparently is no girls’ football team, so this is the only team she can play on if she wants to play football. I’m sure there is a women’s restroom somewhere in the facility she can change in, and she can wait to shower when she gets home. This argument is just an excuse to keep her from playing.

      • Yep, and the first time a guy grabs her breast or touches her crouch while tackling her she’ll be screaming “rape” or “abuse”!

        girls and boys have no business playing contact sports against each other; any FOOL can see that.

        Normal boys should not be forced to share changing rooms with sicko gay boys.

  2. So many boys are failing to grow up and act like gentlemen so you might be better off having a girl on the team as incentive.

  3. I was the only girl on our schools boy’s football team, I love football, and I enjoyed it, it took the guys a while to accept me but they did, and I changed and showered in the girls locker room, I did just fine, and I think it is only fair us girls get to play on the boy’s team if there isn’t a girls team. And yes I go to a public school, but who cares let Caroline play