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Pope Benedict XVI promises "unconditional" obedience to his successor. The interregnum begins today. Casting votes for the Sweet Sistine.


  1. Southern Baptist

    You are supposed to give obedience to GOD, not a man wearing weird robes living in luxury!

    People who bow to the Pope and kiss is ring are bowing to a false God.

    Popes have been responsible for more terror, torture, and murder then the Muslims could ever match.

      • Southern Baptist


        I’ve never bowed to another man (Pope), kissed the hand or ring of a man (Pope), nor have I ever prayed to a DEAD WOMAN (Mary)!

        I have never seen a Southern Baptist preacher wear weird collars, etc!

  2. “Jesus Jeans”: that awkward moment when “Prosperity Gospel” turns ’round and bites you in the pantaloons.