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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican has pulled the plug on daily briefings from American cardinals, fueled by growing resentment among Italian cardinals and others that the process to elect the next pope was starting to look like an American-style political campaign.


  1. What did the Italian cardinals expect, a super-secret, sleazy election like those in their secular politics–or in the ways they have always done things, including handling the sexual abuse of kids? The Italians practice a typical bit of Mafia-style secrecy about the way they like to do business because they prefer a monarchical papacy and hierarchy to anything with a people-of-God democratic creep in it.

    This is precisely why this papal election is going to mean nothing. Things will continue endlessly and uselessly as they always did when the Italians were in charge. The churches will continue to empty everywhere that people are literate about the ways of the Vatican and hierarchy.

    The conservative red hats don’t care as long as they can hang onto their positions of royal privilege. It was the Italians who designed this royal hierarchy over many centuries, and now that Benedict has again increased their number, they will “shed their blood” to keep it that way.

  2. this article is filled with heresay and gossip….the cardinals come from all the cultures of the world…i.e. the african cardinals come from hierarchical cultures and are unhappy that journalists wait for them at the exit and bother them with questions….the asian cardinals are quiet reserved and shy…and they would consider the american cardinals press conferences inappropriate…so claiming that the italian cardinals wanted to squash the american cardinals is a wild guess

    and last but not least these cardinals are suppose to be doing something called ‘discernment’….press conferences that then lead to endless questions….harms the spirit of discernment