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WASHINGTON (RNS) Former President Bill Clinton says the U.S. Supreme Court should strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, which he signed in 1996 during a "very different time."


  1. Consience-wise Mr President you are right today because you won`t be running for office again. We will be happy if you should stand on this by 2015 when your wife will be runing for office, and the press will come after you. You have sowed the seed for sin, but thanks be to God for your change of heart now. For this is one of the sins that have destroyed nations.

    • This is the 21st century. The press will not bother him on this issue. The modern world has for the most part moved beyond such horrible discrimination. We just need our governments to catch up.

  2. The master of sexual inventiveness-exceptional use of a cigar for example-begs the Supreme Court to nix the ban on gay marriage, thereby adding fuel to those holding fast to the notion we are entering the Golden Age of Perversion. In any event, the music man’s quest to have Hester earn just one more A pales strongly by comparison.