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During the days before a new pope is announced, journalists gather and the Catholic community prepares inside the Vatican.


  1. I grew up Cathloic but throu out those years i was blind to know the real truth about the “so called cathloic church”. And i found out that it was all lies and to think people worship a pope that has a cone hat on this head. How sad is that. I’m glad to say I’m not cathloic anymore. It’s only between GOD and I. I’ve done lots of reaserch and i found out it’s all FAULTS. Because GOD said look out for faults religions out in the world. And cathloic like other so called religions I would rather kiss Martin Luther King’s hand than the pope anytime.

  2. A fool will follow a fool it’s all about buisness and money. I use to go to church every sunday and they never teach anything good or the trurth about what people would like to hear. That’s why GOD made brains for to think for your self and make your own mistakes and erros i think it’s all about brainwash what you think?