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(RNS) The Catholic Church needs a strong manager to govern Vatican bureaucratic chaos. Who are cardinals who could crack the whip?


  1. The Church will need to keep pace with modernity’s internet and the forces of various media sources to counter effectively the pull of the “world, the flesh, and the devil;” the morals message of the Church, along with all unchangeable essential doctrines, and the rationale for the church’s positions, need to be thoroughly promulgated to the entire world. The media people have to know that it is not the arbiter of what the church teaches. Being a Christian is a hell of a struggle, yes, but it is a struggle toward heaven, and we Christians have to understand that a lot of media personnel are not only secular; some are agnostics, and some are practicing atheists, in denial of the spiritual realities pertaining to God’s creations. They have only an axe to grind and whack the Catholic and other Christian bodies as being out of touch with the world, meaning that the Church is wrong in not giving in to what the world says true religion is or what it should be. Again, living the Christian life is a struggle; it is a fight. And we Christians will have to honor and respect those solely of the “modern” world for their right to exercise their free will and intellect. Modern man finds nothing as absolute, absolutely nothing, for all things are only as relevant as relativity allows them to be, and relates them to be, as though it was nothingness which of itself created the world, and all of creation, including man with it.

  2. Well, the Catholic Church has had two very poor administrative systems in a row now, that of John Paul II and that of his chosen successor, Benedict. We have no idea what a government under John Paul I would have been because he was so quickly dispatched from “natural causes”–according to the super-secret Vatican.

    Every operation, even the smallest, requires efficient management. “Too big to fail,” is just not true, not with Wall St., USA, and not with the Vatican. The bigger the organization, the more prone to failure, precisely because there is a greater tendency in such management toward corruption.

    “Too big” is a guarantee of failure. In autocratic, royal, monarchical systems, as we’ve seen throughout history, as we have seen throughout the history of the Catholic Church, “too big” has always led to failure. The Catholic Church does not have a pretty history. Every time the Vatican has attempted to manage the details of diocesan and parish and personal life world-wide, it has failed miserably.

    That failure may be hidden in regalia and pageantry, but it is still failure, still there, still contaminating, and the germ of further failure. As in the continuing failure of the sexual abuse of young people and its cover-up. The corruption, the sins, the crimes only lead to failure that is a contradiction of all the publicly preached principles of the church. Abortion, contraception, celibacy, no ordination of women, these are only efforts to distract attention from more serious problems like sex abuse..

    Why are some cardinals worrying about good management now? It’s too late, and none of them have the required talent or training to vote for any reasonable change. They’d have to go outside the College of Cardinals to find someone really competent. The Catholic church needs to be broken up, and lay people must be brought into the intrinsic management processes. Reformation churches have already provided grand examples. Study them.

  3. The secrets are out now and the damage is done. A new Pope will not change anything… The church “fathers” will always choose their “traditions” over Bible TRUTHS.(Matthew 15:1-20) Most of the church’s teachings are not based on firm scriptural foundations. The time will come when God will call her acts of injustice to mind and will “judge” her.(Revelation chp. 17&18) It won’t be pretty but it must take place. So heed His warning NOW and maybe you will escape God’s wrath when He turns his attention to “Babylon the Great” to destroy her.(Rev.18:4-8)