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VATICAN CITY (RNS) A hierarchy looking to make a clear statement about where the troubled church is headed chose on Wednesday (March 13) the first member of the influential Jesuit order to be the next pope. Yet they also chose a humble man who lives simply and took the name Francis (also a first) that evokes the founder of another great religious order.


  1. Mike in Wisconsin

    It’s unreasonable to waste one’s energy hoping for a better Catholic Church. Any cardinal selected to be pope is little more than a clone of the previous pope–new face, same pope. When the Church senses trouble, it always blames its problems on external variables rather than looking inward. The best hope for the Church would be a pope so extreme that he would drive enough people away to finally force the Church to look re-examine itself in order to understand its problems and the external world it so arrogantly frowns upon.

  2. Our prayers for this new Pope surely were answered by God Our Father, Jesus His Beloved Son, through the Holy Spirit, all persons are ONE GOD. Our new Pope will receive our daily prayers and be guided by Holy Trinity of God to lead the Catholics of our future world in a deep humble way in loving way with great faith like Jesus has always told us in the Gospels to pray with great faith, hope, love and mercy. In God who answered our prayers, we trust and pray. Amen