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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Naming yourself after St. Francis of Assisi is one thing. Running the Vatican is another. And taming the Vatican bureaucracy is likely to be one of Pope Francis' most difficult assignments.


  1. Moving the curial furniture around is a priority; but it will not be enough.
    Pope Francis needs to convene a general council now while he has time and the trust of many Catholics.
    For an explanation, please see my remarks as a lifelong Catholic and retired Harvard trained international lawyer, “Pope Francis: Is He For the Poor, NeoCons, Kids or All?”, accessible at:

  2. Mr.Slevin, you call yourself a lifelong catholic? Shame! I have read your article and You sound more like a bitter enemy of the church. As Catholics, we must restrain ourselves from false accusations and prejudiced conclusions. At the end, we will ALL stand in front of the son of God and be judged according to our actions.

    Let us embrace our new Pope Francis 1 with love and prayer. Lets pray for the Holy Spirit to fill his heart and lead our church to a beautiful, genuine spiritual renewal.