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Just as many Catholics have connected Pope Francis' humility and austere lifestyle with that of St. Francis of Assisi, those seeking clues on the new pontiff's approach to Christian-Muslim relations see another example in his iconic namesake.


  1. Hello,
    It is very clear from studing the original sources that St. Francis wanted to convert the Muslims to the true Faith. This was his priority, to bring people to Jesus. Please see my book “St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Muslims.”


    • Convert to the “true” Faith”?? Is this a scholarly language, dude? No offense but I will never read your book that sadly uses such a language and confessional point of view.

      I didn’t know about this interesting encounter with the Ayyubid sultan; thank you, Sacirbey!

  2. ‘How St. Francis Converted the Sultan…’ from ‘The Little Flowers of Saint Francis’

  3. Muslims follow Jesus Christ more than Christians


  4. Yes, he did die for our sins, even knowing that many would not care or understand. If this weren’t true then the whole bible is false. God be praised!

  5. I, being a catholicJew, having worked as an RN in Jerusalem for several years, can tell you that Muslims don’t believe that Jesus is God, nor the Son of God. On the golden dome of the Omar Mosque it is written GOD HAS NO SON.
    Palestinian Muslims told me that Jesus never died on the Cross. His apostles managed to put an imposter in His place!!!!!! Allah is the only true God and Muhammad his one and only true prophet.
    BTW Jesus was JEWISH.


    “COEXIST” the latest command
    of the “New World Order” band
    live and let live
    no need to forgive
    for there ain’t no sin
    each living their own spin

    Coexistence a cold and loveless word
    in a cold and loveless earth
    for they have declared God dead
    and worship themselves instead
    mankind in his selfish pride
    orchestrates the worldwide divide

    but LOVE will return as LOVE
    He begs us to throw in the glove
    to run away from the dragon
    to escape the devil’s paddy wagon
    to turn to the Eternal Light
    be our heart broken but contrite

    He will cleanse us thoroughly
    from all sin and iniquity
    we will live as brothers and sisters
    no need to send us any twisters
    no more armies, no more wars
    no more enemies at our doors.

    be watchful, children, be on guard
    keep Me constant in your heart
    My return date you don’t know
    but Myself suddenly I will show
    in a new and peaceful Jerusalem
    a new birth in a new Bethlehem

    Rivka, November 18 2012

  7. From all I have read about St. Franics, including the biography by St. Bonaventure (a contemporary) and from The Little Flowers of St. Francis, Francis’ goal was to preach to the Muslim sultan and be a martyr, and thus gain heaven. He was extremely disappointed to have to return to Italy, understanding it was not God’s will for him to be a martyr in this fashion. As it is today, it was a crime under Muslim law to denounce Islam, and it was punishable, as it is today, by beheading. That the sultan did not murder him and his companions was near miraculous. I don’t think anybody should try to do revisionist history regarding this well known story of Francis’ life.

    • Dear Lottie,
      Conversion has been a problem in places where its public declaration has political significance, but this is not a general rule.
      1. The first officially atheist country in the world is a Muslim majority country.
      2. Tens of millions of Muslims in South Asia are simultaneously following Islam and Hinduism, or their local religions in the Near East, Africa, Balkans or Central Asia in harmony with (or under the banner of) Islam.
      3. There is no Muslim law – shari’ah practiced universally, as there is no church or one official interpretation of Islam.
      4. Muslim rulers had always Jewish and Christian translators, viziers, astrologers, mathematicians, scientists etc, while no Muslim could possibly exist in a Christian majority land.
      5. Muslim majority lands have always been, and still are, religiously much more diverse than Europe and Americas.

      Please reconsider your prejudices. May God bless you.

  8. Our Holy Father Francis just quoted Leon Bloy
    What he said struck me:
    “Those who don’t pray the Christ are praying the demons”
    In my humble opinion, that quote announces the end of the Assisi’s interfaith meetings.

  9. The present pontiff essentially makes no distinction between atheists, transexuals, gays or muslims. He is willing to bow to an alien god in the Blue Mosque bexause his remarks offended the murderous throngs! James, the borther of Jesus was the primary leader in the ealry Christian Church, and it was only by historical convenience, the embrace of a pagan emperor, and a forged document that Rome received any claim to supremacy. Every Reformation leader recognized it as part of the Anti-Christ system which was to come. Stand by for one world religion! The false prophet who changes days, feasts and calendars, and who blasphemes the name of the One True God is on the loose.