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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (RNS) Among the constant flow of people wearing green, toting beers and milling around the bars in Kansas City’s Westport neighborhood on Sunday (March 17), a man in a red plaid kilt held a sign that said, “Kiss me – I’m a Left-handed, Red-headed, Kilt-wearing Irish Atheist Stepchild!” The Kansas City Atheist […]


  1. Southern Baptist

    What have a Catholic man the right to make another man a “Saint”???

    Patrick was just a man, he is NOT a “saint”

  2. I especially liked the moron in the kilt. Do these people have any idea how boring they really are?

      • I didn’t say he was an idiot. He clearly knows how to put silly but attention-catching clothes on, so he is at least at the mental level of a moron.

        • They are there to draw attention to their exclusion from the Parade. Are there many better ways for a large man to draw attention than to wear a bright red kilt?

          So… is that all you have to complain about, how the guy in the photo must be a moron because you would never dress as he did?

          Turn your nose back down before it rains.