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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis' installation Mass was striking for its repeated references to environmental protection, highlighting what is likely to be a central theme of his papacy and setting up the 76-year-old pope as a leading activist against climate change.


  1. Thank you, thank you! At last we have a spiritual leader who wants to halt the destruction of our beautiful world. And what better than to do it in the name of Saint Francis patron saint of animals and nature. This is a fantastic piece of news!

  2. Linda Silversmith

    Unfortunately, until the Pope and other Catholics recognize the importance of overpopulation (the world is currently about 700% overpopulated for its level of resources) and dealing with that, it’s good to be just about impossible to improve the environment and livability.

  3. He needs to come out forcefully and repeatedly on the need to deal with global warming – reducing CO2 emissions lickety split!

  4. luis carlos zardo

    I really would like to understand how the pope expects to preserve the nature while avoiding fammily planning.

    How can we save any tree if every single day we need to cut entire forests down to clear land to grow food to another 250.000 humans?

    How can we expect to save any animal life with the human population growing by 80 million more a year?

    How can we solve the problem of poverty if those are exactly the people the pope denies basic reproduction rights? How can them be free of the poverty cycle if there´s more and mopre of them each generation?

    How can a poor woman achieve a better life if she had to constantly give birth to an endless stream of poor child?

    Really, I want the church to explain that.

  5. Science says comet hits are real but not climate change!
    Show us former climate change believers just one single IPCC warning report that is not full of “maybes”. Show us ANY scientific paper that says a climate crisis WILL happen. Science has never said any crisis was certain, imminent, eventual, inevitable or “WILL” happen yet science can say comet hits are a real eventual crisis but science has NEVER said the same for climate change crisis. Prove us wrong!
    27 years of maybe means it won’t be.

  6. “The Ethics of Fracking”, a film that asks the question: Would God Frack?