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(RNS) A group of woodworking Louisiana monks is celebrating after a federal appeals court ruled they can sell simple handmade caskets – and local funeral directors can’t stop them.


  1. As usual, greed motivates many people and that is what I see with the funeral parlors. Personally I would rather have a simple wooden casket made by the Monks when my time comes.

  2. I agree, score one for the little guy!
    There used to be laws against monopolies. I don’t see that any more. America is great because anyone (used to) be able to have any kind of business and operate most anywhere, in good, healthy competition. Why shouldn’t the Monks be allowed to earn a living, and benefit the poorer in society? For myself, I will support religious groups that earn their living by selling their products to the public. Often, no, always, they us natural materials and make healthy products, of fine quality too.