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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis on Friday called for more intense dialogue between religious leaders, particularly Muslims, as the world becomes more interdependent.


  1. 65% of Qur’an and teaching Muslims to hate non-Muslims, and also promote pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny, dhimmitude and murder for Allahu Akbar. How can you negotiate with somebody who believes that he is superior to you,a and because you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or god-forbid a Jew, you will go to hell and good Muslims are supposed to make it happen fast by killing you…

    Jihad is real and it is not a spiritual struggle but cutting heads off. Stealth jihad by Muslim immigrants who were allowed into Europe and Australia by foolish immigration policies are causing troubles for their home countries. Until Islam drops teachings of superiority over and hatred of non-Muslims there is no hope for any kind of a meaningful dialogues. Islam also teaches to lie in order to promote their agenda thus ANYTHING that is agreed upon in a dialogue with a Muslim cannot be trusted to last.

    • You can easily communicate with them, simply because they are not like the way you depict them.

    • Gea, your comment has outlined the only truthful statement about Islam, their Friday sermon calls for killing all infidels and of course Jews, and that is their real mission in life.

      • They use the standart term “our Christian (or Jewish) brothers and sisters” in their sermons, except in specific places where political problems have already translated into religious language. In the US, in Europe, North Africa, Balkans, China and South Asia (which constitutes the majority of Muslim population basically), Jews and Christians are referred as “brothers and sisters” in sermons.