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(RNS) In our inaugural edition of Ask the Experts, we tackled questions about the history, theology and traditions of Christmas. This time, we're looking at Easter.


  1. We must remember the true meaning of the Easter holiday and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Oschter Haws (the original name for the Easter Bunny) is a fictitious embodiment of all that is unholy with American gluttony for chocolate, candy, eggs and all things savory and sinful. See the Good Lord RISE from his grave and RECLAIM our sacred holiday with the Hammer of God at

  2. some of your “experts” leave much to be desired in their knowledge or lack thereof…. just google “pagan origins of easter”. There’s plenty of good info available. It’s NO MYSTERY….

  3. This is an inaccurate comment, “As the church spread throughout the world, it has taken the customs of the culture, purified them of superstition, and given them new Christian meanings.” I think you mean, Christianity incorporated superstitions from other cultures and made them Christian superstitions.