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Crowd gathers outside the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26, 2013. Throngs of supporters and opponents gathered outside the high court this week as it considered cases about same-sex marriage.


  1. Southern Baptist

    If 2 men are ‘entitled’ to Federal benefits because they want to call what they have a “marriage” then a brother/sister or father/child have the same right!

    If we can’t “judge” sexual deviants that like their own gender we also can’t “judge” a brother/sister that are sexual active together!


    • No actually, a brother and sister don’t have the same right. Supporters of marriage equality aren’t calling for incest to be legal. It’s calling for two consenting adults, committed to one another, to have the same rights as any other consenting adult who wants to get married. Incest is illegal because it leads to birth defects in the offspring and to a weaker species. There is a difference in an immorality and an attraction to the same sex. It is absolutely your prerogative to not want to be with someone of the same sex but there are lines when it comes to legally telling someone who they can and can not marry. Marriage equality is not actually hurtful to anyone, being of physical harm, it doesn’t hurt the economy, allowing homosexuals to marry doesn’t ruin marriage just like interracial marriage didn’t ruin marriage. You have nothing smart to say you just have a personal opinion. And it’s one that is damaging to someone else’s life, self-esteem…. that sounds more immoral than allowing two people to join in marriage. If you think that by prohibiting gay marriage and preaching that homosexuality is immoral or that people have a choice that it will all just go away you are sadly mistaken. Gay people aren’t going to disappear. Gay people and those that believe in equality, love, compassion, understanding, and who just know how to mind their own damn business are going to fight back. Are going to be more out in the public with more signs and more time on television and more in your face until equality is granted. Because in America you don’t quit. You don’t stop until you achieve.