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AUSTIN, Texas (RNS) The annual Easter weekend convention of American Atheists is a delicate balancing act between the group’s image as the angry bulldog of secular organizations and its need to attract younger and less strident nonbelievers.


  1. Sister Geraldine M. Wagner

    Why do some people think religious organizations in the U.S. don’t pay any taxes? They certainly DO and have ever since the beginning of American history! Check it out!

    • They’re referring to IRC section 501(c)(3) which gives a tax exempt status to a number of organizations for being “organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, scientific, or other charitable purposes.” They don’t feel that being religious should be a reason to allow for the exempt status.

  2. As a member of American Atheists and a supporter of Mr. Silverman, I need to correct one misconception in the article. We do not hate religion, nor do we run around looking for ways to confront the religious.

    It matters not to me what supernatural beliefs others subscribe to. Where I and AA draw the line is when the religious attempt to impose their beliefs on others through legislation and/or use public funds or facilities to broadcast their beliefs.

    If there were no 10 commandments in court buildings, attempts to undermine real science with bronze-age myths in our schools, and similar intrusions, I and others like me would be perfectly happy to coexist with the religious. It is they who will not let us alone, not the obverse.

    • I call bull[expletive deleted]. Their was a recent announcement that you organization threatened a lawsuit against a Christian organization that was donating toys to needy children. Saying that it is “Unconstitutional” to “Bribe” children with toys. For your information sir we aren’t “Bribing” anyone. We are simply providing some amount of happiness to children who are less privileged.

  3. Could that t-shirt be any more intellectually dishonest. Religions build churches AND hospitals. Kindly point out what hospitals American Atheists have built. We pray AND do deeds. Religious people are BY FAR the greatest charitable volunteers and contributors. And we are OBVIOUSLY fully engaged in life and not just waiting for death. A truly ironic comment given that WE are the ones fighting for life! Such childish arguments from the supposed “intellectually superior”.

  4. Well the Government have authority over the people. Atheists don’t trust in God. Who they trust? Religious people worship false gods. Christianity show that God exist. The Question about paying taxes. (Matt 22:15-22; Mark 12:13-17; Luke 20:20-26)

    The Emperor is the Gov. in Jesus days.