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(RNS) In the gap between faith and practice, millions of Americans will delight in Easter and Passover as "holidays," not "holy days."


  1. this is a sad commentary on how people have cut themselves away from God. The Catholic above has no idea what the sacraments are there for. For us! Do this in memory of me was not just a cliche but a command. And command from God are not bad. We need each other, but we need to get each other back to God. For Christians, turning your backs on the church fathers’ traditions is the same as rejecting Jesus. After all, Jesus gave us Peter who holds the keys to heaven and also gave us the holy spirit to build the church. Good luck and God bless.

  2. Mike in Wisconsin

    If this story represents a shift away from outdated dogmas (all dogmas are outdated) then this is indeed good news. Religion must be refashioned in order to meet the needs of people in the 21st Century–and the only purpose of religion is to meet the needs of people.