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NEWARK, N.J. (RNS) I used to think Gov. Jim McGreevey was one of the most disingenuous phonies I had ever met. But his recent redemption after a public fall from grace is the real deal.


  1. I believe in redemption, too. I believe in the epiphanies that shake us to our very souls and make us say like the tax collector: “God, have mercy on me, a sinner”, when we have fallen and realize how much we’ve hurt ourselves and others. No one takes on the priesthood and ministers to the incarcerated for money or glory. It seems as though Father McGreevey is atoning, in his own way, for his past. He deserves our prayers and support, as do his little flock.

  2. iheanyichukwu benji duru

    this is a great effort and project . the problem of mankind is that those to be redeemed spiritually and all are in the majority.mankind is lucky to have the good news of JESUS CHRIST.once you believe and accept JESUS ,you stand REDEEMED.God’s people must WORK the GOOD NEWS as profession. IT IS OUR LIFE,AMEN.

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  1. […] Jim McGreevey’s redemption is the real deal McGreevey, who left the governor’s mansion, got divorced and enrolled in an Episcopal seminary, is the subject of a new HBO documentary, “Fall to Grace” by Alexandra Pelosi. The film about his work with addicts and convicts shows some of what I saw in the jail that day, and you can can make up your own mind…This is the work McGreevey does every day now, helping these women try and turn around their lives…Prison ministry is hard, emotionally draining, thankless work. People do it because they believe in it, because they’re driven by faith, or love, or whatever it is that I, frankly, don’t have enough of. […]