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VATICAN CITY (RNS) While the new pope stopped far short of calling for women's ordination or giving women more decision-making power in the church, his remarks nonetheless signaled an openness to women that's not often seen in the church hierarchy.


  1. Sorry. I’m not impressed. In a way I’d rather see an unlikeable Pope like Joe Rat than a charismatic figure like JPII or nice old guy like Francis pushing the very same dogmas. Sorry Pope: I am not interested in a “fundamental role” or in “dignity” or any of these niceties. I want the same options as men–not “equality,” not equal respect, not equal pay, not equal dignity. Glad I’m not a Roman Catholic.

  2. Maureen Perron

    There has always been a role for women in the church. Where would the church be without the women, both professed religious and others? Look at any parish and women are the primary support system for everything form religious education for all ages to preparing the altar for Sunday Mass. Until women have opportunity and recognition equal to men the church will be further and further outside the mainstream.