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WASHINGTON (RNS) Pope Francis is known now for his keep-it-simple style and focus on the poor. But once he starts making appointments and taking action, his favorable ratings may change.


  1. Yes, listen to the Apostate priest that Pope Benedict XVI condemned for endorsing a Litany of Heresies against the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church.

    A proponent of liberal progressive garbage, and a defender of the LCWR cult, this man teaches “Less Catholic doctrine, more Social Justice” crap.

    Give me a break. Lets head to the National Schismatic Reporter now, there is a golden calf waiting for us there. I’ll stop before some Atheist calls me a “bigot”.

  2. The Pope, Palm Sunday and austere economic times
    It will be interesting to see if this “younger” Pope’s leadership style, which includes real humility, can have an effect on the immoral behavior of leaders in the financial and political sectors. His humility might serve to address the arrogance of the major leadership figures. I wonder if any other world leader would consider washing the feet of his constituents or even lower themselves to meet them in their own homes/prisons? Hello Mr Obama? Mr Cameron? Mr Netanyahu? Mr Meshaal (HAMAS)?

  3. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    One good thing about the media paying so much attention to the issues most Catholics agree with the Church on–like compassion for the poor, forgiveness, etc.—the media hasn’t been able to spend as much time deluding people that the Church can change its moral teachings and doctrines (most of which go back 2 millenia to the apostolic era) each time a new leader is chosen or elected.