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Thirteen percent of Americans believe President Obama is the anti-Christ. Desmond Tutu wins the 2013 Templeton Prize. A Jesus portrait in an Ohio school is taken down.


  1. Much more than 13% of so-called “Americans,” that is, people who presumably live in the United States of America–after all, there are three, different American continents–are illiterate. They don’t even know what “Antichrist” means. After all, look at the US Congress they have elected. Look at the local and state politicians they have hired to work against their welfare. Look at the religious ignorance that abounds everywhere in this country, especially in the South.

    • Before you zero in on “the South” our public school system is failing in all the major liberal states and U.S. Americans are becoming MORE illiterate than ever before. Before 1890 most Americans learned their three R’s in church school (and the church was the classroom) They had great incentive to read (the Bible) and the Bible was often the primer. Without such schools there would have been NO Abe Lincoln. From the Plymouth and Jamestown eras Americans taught their children literacy (and read the Bible). Literacy made them skilled in commerce, crafts, navigation (and governance).. it built a nation. The NOW generation doesn’t want schooling (they fail). They do not want faith in God. They don’t want “In God We Trust.” They don’t like their elders (and worship being young .. ask any plastic surgeon). They have limited values and limited morals. It is a matter of choice BUT .. you must live with the choices you make. (be careful what you wish for .. you just may get it)

  2. A lot of people don’t know a lot of things. I/ve recently discovered that I’m one of them.