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WASHINGTON (RNS) As he gathered with clergy at the White House Friday, President Obama recounted personal details of his recent Holy Land trip, calling it a chance to experience “the eternal spirit of Easter” and feel closer to Jesus.

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  1. Obama tells everybody what they want to hear! One should not believe ANTEING he says but observe his actions and inaction. Barack Hussein Obama had been living up to his middle name ever since he got to power. He gives money to his Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for their war on Egyptian women and F-16 for their war on Israel, while pretending to “have Israel’s back”. He has Israel’s back to stab it when least expected. Obama role in the rape and murder of US Ambassador in Libya needs to be investigated, since it was his administration that prevented US Marines to carry live munitions in the Arab countries with which they could defend US diplomats. Obama is helping subvert US Constitution in US and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the UN to cover up for Islam, which is a supremacist Nazi like ideology of hate of non-Muslims and particularly delusional Jew hatred. Obama is the grand master of Taqiyya-Islamic principle of lying for Islam.