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Remembering the six million killed in the Shoah. Do churches ignore mental illness? Words of hope from Wendell Berry.


  1. My sympathies to Warren and his family. This is a good reminder to not hold yourself and your family up as some super-religious group. We all have problems and whatever was troubling young Warren unfortunetly got the best of him. Sad. I truly hope something good can come out of this trajedy, like the fact that sometimes mental health counseling is needed even for the most faithful.

  2. On another topic this is also the perfect time to remember the 6,000,000 Jews & others killed in the Holocaust. What will it take for this world to learn not to hate based on race religion or anything else for that matter. Blaming any one culture or group for another nations problems is not the answer. Peace it appears, is still a very far away subject for most of this world and hate of others, for whatever reason does not help any problem. I wish for peace! Confucious once said “when you go to seek revenge, dig two graves.’ So true, yet so ignored.

  1. […] Jews and Gentiles around the world will stop today to remember the six million killed in the Shoah. Meanwhile, Israeli researchers say anti-Semitic attacks have surged, as extremist parties grow in Europe. Megachurch pastor Rick Warren’s son died on Friday, in what California police are calling a suicide. Warren and his wife, Kay, shared their grief in letter to his Saddleback Church, and said their son, Matthew, had long suffered from depression. Christian leaders rushed to console the Warrens on social media, but Ed Stetzer says churches need to stop pretending that mental illness is not a real issue.  […]

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