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(RNS) Fifty years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. challenged white church leaders to confront racism, an ecumenical network has responded to his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Christian Churches Together in the USA has produced a 20-page document that answers King and includes confessions of church bodies about their silence and slow pace in addressing racial injustice.


  1. Ms.Banks,as a spiritual person that is lead by the Lord Jesus,there will always be evil in this world,unless people get in thier minds that the leader is the one and only Christ,and he left us the Holy Ghost which is in us, to revel the things to come as well as the past things that already happen,these things are not new,it just repeat it’s self,Do you remember what happen when The truth came from Jesus,the same scribes and pharesees plotted to kill him,yes the ones who are in the church,No one wants to be powerless,esply when thy are in the control seat.It’s like the word say there will always be the poor,there was many things that was hidden and now it is on the eye opener.the change has come yet it will continue to be a division segregation of race,religion,government, you name it ,it’s here.Why? because people are not allowing the Holy Ghost to be in them to be lead by Jesus Christ,that’s in all religion.Once this happen then there will be a new body., new heaven and new earth.Amen

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