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(RNS) A new poll shows that the Islamic political party known as the Muslim Brotherhood has soured American attitudes towards Egypt, arguably America’s most important Arab ally, since its candidate Mohamed Morsi won presidential elections there in June 2012.


  1. I think that we have to be patient. This was basically the first democtaric election in the history of Egypt, which has been ruled by this or that outsider for more than 2400 years. It is a success and an important step, even if a small one. Egypt will play a crucial role in the democratization of the area. Only those who do not want Egyptians’ & Middle Eastern peoples flourishing see these developments as recession and oppose it: US and Israel are good examples, for known reasons. We, outsiders, should support & respect & peacefully and constructively criticize their democratization process: we love Egypt (with all its ancient Christian&Muslim population!); it is the “mother of the world!”

  2. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Part of the problem is that our government is doing little to stick up for persecuted Christians in Egypt or Iran or Saudi Arabia.

  3. Sir, you have a long and sexy name, but I think you are a bit ignorant about the issue. First, there is officially no Christian in S. Arabia: they have a narrow-minded gov’t that does not tolerate not only non-Muslims, but also Shi’is, Sufis, and other non-Salafis, i,e, people who do not fit into their official political ideology.

    The issue in Egypt is political, and it will only worsen it if your (clearly American!) govt intervenes (as it happened in Iraq and still happens in Palestine). Respect and support the democratization in these lands. Stop playing the tyrant of the world; corroborate with Egyptians and other local peaceful democratic organizations who fight for human rights without discriminating Christian or Muslims. Progressive Egyptians and Iranians are unlike you: they do not distinguish people when they struggle for human rights. Fight via legal means together with progressive Egyptians and Iranians to establish stronger democracies. If you can’t do that, than at least stop war mongering and tyrannizing the world. Religious-mindedness + ignorance is dangerous: whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.