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As many as half a million people crowd into one Lagos church whose pastor has become one of the richest people in the country.


  1. I watched that news item hoping (though in palpable vain) to hear the supposed ‘miracles’ performed by Pastor Adeboye [a typo on Al Jazeera's part], whether he had performed them and the outcome of those. Alas, as expected, it was all talk, no walk. Instead, what we’re seeing is the typical case of emotional manipulation and exploitation of the disadvantaged by an avaricious person. Anyone can make ‘testimonials’ to anything. That doesn’t automatically translate to them actually happening. Also, I laughed at Pastor Adeboye’s ‘justification’ of owning a private jet (i.e. expensive material possessions) in the face of the poverty of those who make up his congregation. He’s right, you can’t efficiently oversee your business(es) by bicycle – or bus, as used by some other pastors mentioned in other online articles. However, you CAN still achieve your task using a PUBLIC plane that every other layman uses. They do exist, Adeboye.

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