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(RNS) Just as Jews pray to celebrate Passover "next year in Jerusalem" and Muslims pledge to visit Mecca, marathoners want to "run Boston." For runners, Monday's bombs struck on holy ground, endangering sacred bonds.


  1. Kimberly Winston

    Dan, this is just one of the loveliest pieces you’ve ever written – which is saying something. I hope you get to run it. Don’t let anything stop you.


    • Daniel Burke

      Daniel Burke

      Article author

      Thanks, Kim, I really appreciate your kind words.

      Your story on atheists’ “church” was awesome, btw. Another in a long line of great stories from you.

  2. Great article. Thank you for quoting me by the way!

    I agree that the volunteers and spectators are just as filled with spirit as the runners. I have only done half marathons, but I am really slow and the half is really hard for me. Sometimes when I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore, there would be a volunteer or spectator cheering me on and their spirit helped carry me forward. I do think the whole process of training for and running a race is a special spiritual experience.