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(RNS) At age 65, Bob Gersztyn’s religious fervor has mellowed so much that he calls himself an ``allegorical Christian.'' But he has put together his love of pop music and photography to publish "Jesus Rocks the World -- The Definitive History of Contemporary Christian Music.''


  1. Interesting article on Christian Rock . . . and Bob Gerszytn. Here’s my own take on it, for the record

  2. Really cool, I’m picking up the book. Nice article – from a former (recovering) christian.

  3. Everyday I come across more and more “ex” born again Christians that have mellowed with age. I too grew up with contemporary Christian music and even had dinner one night with Larry Norman in Thousand Oaks, CA. Looks like a good book, I’ll have to check it out.

    • Larry and I had many lunches and dinners together. I was his personal photographer for a while at the turn of the millennium. We talked about everything under the sun, but never religion.

      • Hey Bob,
        Would love to hear more about your dinners with Larry Norman. He seemed like a wounded soul. Love to hear more about your life as a christian. I’ve been completely disillusioned with the whole evengelical Calvary Chapel movement. Would love to hear your experiences.
        Ps: you forgot about Jim McGuinn also became a born again Christian in 1977 at Jack Hayford’s church in Van Nuys, CA.
        In the heart of the Jesus Movement, Orange County, CA

        • Ask me any question that you want on my blog. I may even have photos to go along with them. I also have a utube video on the book at

  4. Hey Bob: I agree with you re: Larry Norman. I find much of his 70s and early 80s music on par with the stones and Dylan. Yet he is almost forgotten now. I’m wondering what you thought of the movie on Larry?

    • My name is in the credits at the end. I supplied three dozen photos. I also have a utube video on the book at

  5. larry norman is great. i saw him in concert in 1983, ironically, in norman, oklahoma. i have a couple dozen of his albums. check out “only visiting this planet” and “in another land”. by the way, 1987 was not during dylan’s evangelical period. that was 1979 to 1981.

  6. Interesting article, but 1 correction: Dylan was NOT in his “evangelical Christian phase” in 1987. He may have played “Gotta Serve Somebody” and a few others, but Dylan was out of that phase by 1983-84.

  7. I read how you made your first teardrop. eace sign and wore it under your uniform.

    Around that time, in Catholic Catechism class I had a religious experience (not my first) while we were discussing my name saint; St. Catherine of Sienna, the peacemaker. My Teacher told me I should wear a peace sign. It was already on my heart to wear one, but my Mother believed they looked like Egyptian Ankhs and I didn’t have permission.

    So, next week my Cathecism Teacher tells my Mother that God is using me and she doesn’t know how yet, but she bought a present for me and would like me to wear it. My mother said she would accept the present for me and opened up the box and it s as a teardrop peace sign on a long chain.

    My Mother looked at her. She said yes!

    It was my first mantle. I wore it for a long time until it broke. Over the years I have worn other symbols as mantles, some passed down to me with religious meaning. Please pray for me, should you feel so inclined, as I am currently in process of being accepted as a Candidate for Oblate of the Order of Saint Benedict.

    Bob Gertsztyn, thank you for making and wearing the teardrop peace sign. Especially thank you for your service to our Country.

  8. Could anyone tell me what the hell this article is all about, like sum it up in two or three rational sentences?

  9. U know it is so surprising how so many will claim to have Jesus but do not have a relationship with Christ. If u LOVE someone u want a relationship with them talking to them, like praying everyday and communicating with them. So many think they have Jesus when all they have is lip service just to make themselves fill good. I did hear some of the Jesus Freak music and it was just another way for people to move to the music and try to get their high. Jesus is not in rock and roll he is the ROCK to stand on in times of trouble but to many They just use the words that they are singing to make them feel like they are really worshiping Jesus when all the time they are being used by the devil to lead away from GOD. U do not have to bang ur head while singing of JESUS he can be heard in the silence as well. Don’t get me wrong I love a very good upbeat song but I want the words to say something to Christ from me so I can show my love to him. I WANT TO WORSHIP HIM in SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Not some emotional mombo jumbo by someone who has no IDEA WHAT a relationship with CHRIST IS.

  10. I think its sad many Christians have lost their zeal and first love for Jesus Christ and using their art to love Him and make Him known to all the masses.

    My prayer is that God will draw us all back to Him and we will be on fire for Him again not from the head but truly from the heart.

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