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TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) An Indiana truck driver was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay $1.4 million for setting fire to a Toledo-area mosque, a crime that the judge likened to Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings as “assaults on the American spirit.”


  1. […] Originally Posted by Maverick What a crock. You've managed to break everything down into minute detail, in order to prove what point? Minute detail ? I would suggest that you avail yourself of a good English dictionary so that you might come to a proper understanding of what the word "minute" actually means in the context you are attempting to use it. I simply addressed the first whole thought or premise of the OP – which was entirely false – simply by showing the relevant portions of one of the speakers cited in that OP. And then proceeded to address at least some of the additional falsities in both the OP's post and the article that he linked. The point was to show that the OP is either ignorant or stupid enough to be taken in by such sleazy "journalism" as he cites … or that he is intentionally seeking to incite religious bigotry. In light of repeated postings of a similar nature, I'm personally beginning to think it's the latter. Of course, he's certainly free to choose to be a religious bigot – provided he doesn't threaten or actually commit violence. Just like I'm free to point out what it is he's doing. Originally Posted by Maverick The basic premise is this, and always has been……it's OK to bomb the heck out of them in some fake "freedom" against some imaginary dictator, long as it's US doing it? But it's NOT okay to speak against them in the good ole US of A……internally? No – the basic premise of the article is incitement against an entire faith – on the basis of the violent acts of a miniscule number of those who claim to be adherents of that faith … It is religious bigotry – of the pretty much the same flavor and variety that the Nazis used to justify persecuting the Jews and committing genocide. Originally Posted by Maverick Speaking for no one else, but you sure seem duped by the whole obvious affair, and consequent agenda. Do you have any idea of the events that have taken place in Tennessee since 9/11 ? Fire at Tenn. Mosque Building Site Ruled Arson – CBS News The context which made something like this (the event) actually necessary ? Pamela Geller at Tennessee Anti-Muslim Protest: "Without Freedom of Speech We Must Resort to Violence" – Little Green Footballs Or are you just shooting off your mouth in complete and total ignorance ? Tennessee county official not sorry for image promoting violence against Muslims | The Raw Story Aware of the violent criminal acts that have taken place elsewhere in the US by mentally deranged freakazoids, sometimes by the very committed followers of Jeebus ? Iraq veteran accused of arson in fires at mosque, Planned Parenthood – Los Angeles Times Interestingly, most of them have additional trait one in common, besides their xenophobic racism and religious bigotry … many/most of the people who commit these acts are ex-military: Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mosque arsonist: Fox News made me do it! – Mosque arsonist Randolph Linn sentenced to 20 years | Religion News Service […]