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“Not only did Jesus tolerate weapons, he instructed His disciples to buy them!” – Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, in welcoming the Senate’s defeat of a move to expand background checks for gun purchases.


  1. Jesus also praised the faith of a Roman Centurian with nary a word suggesting that there was anything wrong with the Centurian’s occupation.

  2. “Jesus also praised the faith of a Roman Centurian with nary a word suggesting that there was anything wrong with the Centurian’s occupation.”

    Right, because silence is the same thing as approval. Jesus didn’t deny the existence of space aliens either, so Area 51 must be hiding some. And he didn’t say anything about dictionaries, but he might tell you to buy one (Matt. 5:18): it’s centurion, not centurian.

    The praise is a back-handed compliment at best: Jesus is comparing his faith to that of Israel’s, saying, “see, even one of these guys gets it, so why can’t you all?”

    If you and Perkins want to strap one on, go right ahead. Just don’t drag Jesus into it.

    • Donald Kosloff

      I never bring Jesus into political discussions. But those who desire to eliminate human rights like to make big shows as they pretend that Jesus supports their political hysteria.

  3. “I never bring Jesus into political discussions.”

    Except that you did. No less than Perkins. Unless you are going to pretend you were “just saying” and that your words have no meaning. And no one desires to “eliminate human rights,” but you get props for your hysterical exaggeration.

    • The right to keep and bear arms is an essential human right that existed before the US Constitution was written. US Senator Feinstein has publicly stated that her goal is to eliminate that human right. Some of her allies have also stated or written that they share that goal. Pointing out that fact does not involve hysteria. You may choose to ignore reality, but reality will not ignore you.

    • Jesus was brought into the political discussion by the enemies of human rights who have long and repeatedly claimed that Jesus supports their attack on the human right to keep and bear arms. I respond to their false claims with the truth. A recent example is clergy lobbying for new laws to infringe that right. There is a significant difference between “bringing in” and “responding to what others have brought in.”

  4. Your anachronistic understanding of human rights aside, I’m not sure which is more telling: your focus on one Senator instead of the proposed legislation or your focus on clergy instead of Perkin’s comment. It is not hysterical to point out that many people want more gun regulation. Describing that goal as a wish to “eliminate human rights” is, however, because it is an irrational exaggeration of the truth. No one is ignoring “reality,” but the accusation itself doesn’t say much for your grasp on it.

    Like I said, if you feel the need to cowboy up, g’head. Just don’t be like Perkins and pretend that packing heat is something Jesus supported or even condoned for his followers.

  5. Donald Kosloff

    I understand that the human rights protected by our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, are timeless and essential.