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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev regained consciousness. Attention focuses on Dagestan, a "hub of jihadist recruitment." The Boy Scouts' new gay policy mirrors the Mormon church.


  1. Seriously, with all the Boston bombers did, did the one who died deserve the time taken out to do it, deserve last rites. Did those he killed get the benefit of last rites, Muslim, Catholic, or whatever? I’m usually the liberal in this ‘room’but I feel no sympathy for the dead bomber getting Muslim last rites or not. Otherwwise, another great RNR which I did not read until today because of the CISPA blackout yesterday. Which is nice in a way since I will get to read today’s and Monday’s as well. I am going to try to take the time myself to read A.S.’s article today. Sounds like a good one with much must know info. Until later, your resident liberal…