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(RNS) The searing experience of being an effective "Mourner in Chief" might stir President Obama's appetite for political battle. I certainly hope so. Because the people need an advocate.


  1. Donald Kosloff

    It is indeed “bizarre socialism” for the rich when the rich pay the bulk of taxes for the benefit of those who are not rich. Not that the rest of the commentary isn’t hogwash.

  2. What a sneaky way to attack the rich! Obama’s trip Cost the american tax payer millions of dollars while not doing anything really helpful to those people. (by the way the local authorities will also spend hundreds of thousand of dollors to protect this person seacking good publisity for him self) While the rich who you so falsely accuse, will give millons of dollars to bring food and other suppies to help this people. Now which really will help this folks. The one who spends millions to fly out to get great publisity for himself, Or those anonymous “rich” who help buy them food, cloths and housing for those in need

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