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VATICAN CITY (RNS) While some church observers worry that Benedict XVI could overshadow Pope Francis and his course of reforms, one veteran commentator said the side-by-side popes shouldn't cause a “crisis in the church.”


  1. Why? Like every other retired person, Josef Ratzinger could and should have gone home to live in peace with his kittens. His work was ended–such as it was. It was wrong of him to make a monument of himself in the Vatican gardens, hovering over his successor’s shoulder. Popes should be term-limited. All priests and bishops, should be required to retire at least by 70. Smell the roses in someone else’s garden. It makes no sense to consider popes revered, monarchical icons until they die, until they’re drooling with old-age illnesses, or have to be moved about on motored vehicles because they can’t walk.

  1. […] Francis welcomes ex-pope Benedict back into the vatican. You can read about it HERE. Some people are predicting conflict and maybe even a division in the Roman Catholic Church because […]