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Pope Francis equates wages of Bangladeshi workers to "slave labor." Nuns on the Bus rev up engines for immigration reform. On National Day of Prayer, T. M. Luhrmann says when God talks, it's not schizophrenia, but intense prayer.


  1. Kudo’s to Pope Francis 4 deploring the slave labor conditions. Treating any worker like this, whether there or here is wrong and should be punished. But then again, Bush lied us into war, & got a new Presidental library in his ‘honor’. Word used very, very, loosely when in same sentance as Bush43. So glad that 8 yr. nightmare is over!

  2. The fist time I heard God talk to me (actually) is when the nurse (scrubs and mask) turned and said “this is your daughter!” (Oh God I said) a little head in one hand and a tiny butt in the other but bigger than the Grand Canyon .. and God said “Yes, she is awesome .. you be a good daddy.. I’ll be here..” When they are born the nurse put drops in their eyes .. and do some clean up and then the nurse turns and hand you the baby … it is something that words cannot express .. but God knows .. I think God is awed too.. changes your whole life..

    T. M. Luhrmann