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VATICAN CITY (RNS) When the Vatican's doctrinal office informed the office that oversees religious orders about a probe of American nuns, the cardinal who heads the office was told the investigation was already completed.


  1. The Roman Catholic church has an enormous mess on its hands and frankly the role of nuns is not one of them. They are not running for office among New Englanders and it is not up for a vote. They have a major problem with policy and procedure (such as celibacy), recruitment, finance, doctrine (almost non-Christian), ritual (borders on idolatry), ex cathedra, canons, creed, interdenominational respect (ecumenism) .. it is a true Gordian knot. You could start any place and it is a mess. The bureaucracy of Cardinals and Bishops are even more entrenched than the U.S. military officer corps. (to a man with a hammer everything is a nail). It think the Roman Catholic church and others like it will become extinct because they do not know how to become Christian.

  2. I’ll take the word of Cardinal Braz de Aviz any day before I accept any more deceitful words or actions from anyone related the the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Under John Paul and Benedict, it has been no different than in its previous existence as the Office of the (so-called) Holy Inquisition.

    If Francis wants to start curing the awful corruption in the curia, besides the Vatican Bank, he should close down the CDF. We do not need anyone, prelates or anyone else, dictating doctrines to us. There is so much wrong with the Vatican that it too should be closed down as a church headquarters and turned into a library and a museum of what church should never become.

    Catholic Church history is proof that a “universal church” cannot succeed. It requires evil to attempt it. When any functions become so big they guarantee failure, whether they be big corporations, banks, Wall St. investment companies, or churches, they should be allowed to fail, to cease, to die. They die of their own diseased doings, anyway. We should not allow them to continue and cause destruction to others.