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(RNS) When rogue abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of delivering and then killing late-term infants, abortion opponents were convinced they had a case that could finally reshape a static abortion debate. Yet for a variety of reasons, those prayers for a game-changing impact may go unanswered.


    • No, it hasn’t. It doesn’t exist. The law has spoken. And if you fools have your way, millions of women will go to illegal abortion providers, or to Mexico, and be horribly abused, made sick, or disfigured because of your insane ideas about women and health.

    • Herbie is right – the law has spoken, a fetus becomes a citizen at birth. Your position is as defensible as the Christian position on Slavery in The South in 1860.
      It is immoral to force a child into the world unloved, and an abomination to enslave women to carry an unwanted fetus to term.
      Where do you get off saying that the Lord talks to you? I know a couple of schizophrenics who same the same thing, and their tinfoil hats really look silly.

  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    The Gosnell story won’t be a “game -changer” because the mainstream media ignored the trial for weeks. They only did some coverage when shamed into it for their virtual blackout of what would normally be a super-sensational story Consequently polls show huge numbers of Americans never even heard of the Gosnell trial.
    But now the media spin will be that we need more legal abortion clinics to put clinics like Gosnell’s out of business. Never mind the fact that Gosnell’s clinic was legal .

  2. Earold Gunter

    David, David, David, “Yet for a variety of reasons, those prayers for a game-changing impact may go unanswered”. You’re joking, right? Saying that the prayers may go unanswered is akin to making the statement that the sun may shine brightly on the world today. Remings me of the character “Mr. Obvious” on a radio program. Hillarious!

  3. Hey Christians, millions of you praying for an end to abortion, thats billions of prayers. Yet, your god doesn’t answer you. What’s that tell you? Maybe you’re on the wrong side of this issue? or perhaps your god doesn’t exist?

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