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TORONTO (RNS) A new national study shows that while Canada is still overwhelmingly Christian, Canadians are turning their backs on organized religion in ever greater numbers.


  1. I notice there is no mention of non-denominational protestants. I suspect a lot of the unaffiliated would be in this category–those who have no doubt that they are Christian but not members of any particular denomination..

    • David Thompson

      No the Nones are just tired of the god/no god banter and just want none of it. They are the most hopeful group yet. God is not worth the time to consider.

      • David,

        Your comment “God is not worth the time to consider” is very blasphemous if God is who He claims to be in the Bible. The One who created you and manifested His love towards you on Calvary surely deserves your attention now and for all eternity. You wouldn’t exist if He didn’t creat you. You wouldn’t have hope now and for all eternity if God don’t rescue you from the penalty of sin. Theses are truths that whether you accept them or not you and I will be judge by them.

        Please reconsider God. His holiness is not to be mocked.

        May you find forgiveness and hope on His mercy and grace.

    • The longer report does mention generic “Christians”:

      “Another 4.5% of the population simply said they were Christian.”

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