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(RNS) The IRS probe of conservative nonprofit groups included the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan's Purse humanitarian group, evangelist Franklin Graham said.


  1. David Thompson

    The only thing truly un-American is churches/religions not having to pay taxes at all. They should be taxed at the maximum individual rate, without deductions.

    • Pretty much all income to a church is in the form of contributions from the church members which are nothing more than gifts. I don’t understand why churches should have any tax obligation on such gifts received.

      • David Thompson

        Because from these “gifts” without taxation, churches sponsor goofy groups like the Tea Party and the churches have a political agenda, which makes them not a religious organization in the true sense. Why should religions get a break. It’s an imaginary myth. We can just make up the god Ganu and become a 501(3) and that’s supposed to be okay. What type of lunacy is that?

      • Food for thought. if churches were forced to pay taxes, would that enough reason to end separation of church and state? After all how could you tax them and then not allow the “church” (not individuals) a voice in government?

  2. Hey Mr. Obama, didn’t you say back in 2010, “The buck stops with me”?

    Somebody’s gonna do some JAIL-HOUSE time on this one, and the buck might as well stop with YOU!!

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