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(RNS) The Vatican on Wednesday said that Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who resigned in February amid reports that he had made sexual advances to a number of priests, will do penance in an undisclosed location outside of his country.


  1. The reason I, and many others, have fallen from the church is because the church seems obsessed with continual differing sets of rules for those they are supposed to serve and for themselves. Things I would do jail time for the church embraces and hides.

    • Not only that, but our justice systems have prosecuted only one bishop in this country out of the numerous bishops who have blatantly, openly covered up the crimes of their priests. Why are we so guilty of that hands-off policy when our kids are being raped? That means that our justice systems are just as guilty as the criminal bishops.

  2. It may be a violation of the chastity of required celibates, but what about resolving the problem of the unnatural expectations of required celibacy? What about sex between consenting adults? And what about the attraction of homosexuals to the Catholic priesthood since they’ve been raised to consider themselves heterosexual, and since they have no natural, desirable, legitimate outlet for sex anyway, who see it as a sign fro God to join the clergy? Then, as in former years, they lived in unnatural monastic conditions in seminaries, stunting their sexual maturation, and in so many cases end up pedophiles or those who have same-sex attractions to teens. We’re defying nature!

  3. Also, how can we expect Francis to take a harder stand against the sins and crimes of the covering bishops? They were all practicing identical procedures, and that proved they were following directions from the Vatican of John Paul and Benedict. And how can we expect a tougher stand about the sexual crimes against our kids when Francis gave the go-ahead to continue the outrageous take-over of most U.S. nuns by Benedict’s office of inquisition and the three stooge bishops Cardinal William Levada put in charge of them? What an insult to women and maturity! The nuns should all resign and go private with their communities!