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CLAREMONT, Calif. (RNS) "I don't know for how long I will do this," Timothy Murphy said of his hunger strike, "but if nothing else, I want the men in Guantanamo to know that myself and others care about their situation enough to act in support of them."


  1. Just wish that the Guantanamo terrorists cared that much about American lives and the damage that THEIR activitives have caused. Perhaps they should have fasted before killing women and children?

    • So what you are saying is that these men are guilty either by association with Islam or being born in a country which the U.S. , and you have chosen to go to war with because if you say the 86 men illegally held in this Torture Prison are guilty our

      • cont; Government has determined differently but because of their abuse and torture by those ideals and idealists you hold close it’s what they might say after eleven years of illegal confinement.and torture that halts their release. These are innocent men and your fear of the Muslim Horde killing and raping our country and our women is simply in my opinion Hate and more Hate.

  2. I understand the reason Timothy is doing this, and I agree that the Guantanamo situation is wrong, and also a black eye for our nation in the human rights area. However, I have to ask this question: If they don’t care about the prisoners in Guantanamo, why do you think they will care about you? Not trying to be negative… Just wondering about rationale…

  3. Barbara Murphy

    Thanks, Timothy for fasting. Our local peace group is planning to do a ‘rolling fast’ in support of the Guantanamo prisoners who are fasting and in support of Elliot Adams who is on his 25th day of fasting for this cause of releasing those who have been cleared of wrongdoing and to close the prison and bring charges and trials to those remaining.