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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal orders Bibles returned to state park resorts. The American Family Association says the AARP has a "homosexual agenda." The anti-Shariah movement is changing.


  1. Love your service; but please, it’s Star *Trek* that opens today, not Star *Wars*! The common link between them now, of course, is J.J. Abrams, so you can be forgiven – this once :).

  2. David Thompson

    Wherever there is religion there is conflict. Why do so many people adhere to such a problematic pursuit? Surely they can’t all believe in super hero type gods. It’s got to be the childhood indoctrination and the social aspect that keeps them participating, not the truly unbelievable stories from those horrible books.

  3. So have any of the Ibo Jews of Nigeria been tested to see if there is a DNA connection to other Jewish groups?